Luna Laser Red 3W

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The MOTH Luna Laser Series provides an exceptional show laser with ILDA and DMX capabilities, allowing you to create the most spectacular displays. It combines the latest laser control technology, offering an immersive experience with an extensive selection of precise automated movements and effects.


General Specifications

Beam Size @Aperture (mm) 2.5 * 6mm
Scanning system 40 kpps ILDA@8° , Scan angle Max 60°
System control Auto, Sound, SD-Card, DMX512, ILDA
Size (mm) 156*224*125
Power Supply 100~240V / 50~60Hz
Divergence (full angle) 1.1mRad-1.3mRad
IP Rating IP54
Working Lifetime (hours) 8000
Working Temperature (℃) -20 to 40
Product Weight (kg) 3.42


Luna Laser Series Model Specifications

Model Wavelength & Power
R638 G520 B445
MOTH-LUNA-RGB3000 650mW 800mW 1500mW
MOTH-LUNA-RGB4000 1300mW 1000mW 2000mW
MOTH-LUNA-RGB5500 1300mW 1200mW 3000mW
MOTH-LUNA-R3000 3250mW / /
MOTH-LUNA-G2500 / 2500mW /
MOTH-LUNA-G5000 / 4800mW /
MOTH-LUNA-B9000 / / 9000mW


Safety: Emission delay, Mechanical shutter(on request), aperture masking -plate
Good beam, highly compact & seal-designed housing, dust-free

In the box:

  • 1 x laser projector
  • 1 x AC Power cord
  • 2 x Keys
  • 1 x Power output connector
  • 2 x Remote Interlock connector
  • 2 x Allen key

Other customized accessories such as ILDA cable, control systems (such as FB4), etc. are available upon request.